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WIAW #15- All-time favourites!

Hello, hello folks! I can't believe again that it's Wednesday already! I'm not complaining though.. I love Wednesdays as not only do I get to post my awesome eats ;) with no explanation, I also get to look at what everyone else's been eating! Let's face it- we're all sticky beaks :)
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I've included bits of yesterday and today as I started back at school yesterday and didn't manage to find the time to get a post up yesterday!
First day back to school was:

 A classic! Home-made spelt/rye bread with cashew butter and a side of banana/mango yoghurt (I whole banana, a handful of frozen mango and 3 spoonfuls of greek yoghurt whazzed togetehr until smooth)

Breakfast today was another classic (for me anywho!)
Home-made granola over banana ice cream.
The granola was muesli mixed with cashew butter and milk which was first heated in the microwave before being rubbed into the muesli. Then it was baked in a 180 degrees celsius oven for around 15 mins until golden.
The banana ice cream was a vanilla cheesecake version with 1 frozen banana, 2 big spoonfuls of greek yoghurt and a scoop of vanilla prtoein powder, all whazzed up in the food processor:
And because I don't lie to you guys here on this blog... what my breakfast actually looked like when I ate it:

Yesterdays lunch was a simple, boring salad with a simple boring lemon dressing... so no photo :)
Today's lunch was another old-time fav:

A grilled veggie sandwich!
Fruit. Lot's of fruit:

This delicious bowl was some cooked wholemeal pasta with pesto, steamed veggies (pumpkin, sweet potato and parsnip),baked mushrooms and eggplant and some sauteed Quorn mince.
 Lastly a cool new find at the super market:
Black tahini? AWESOME! I see it like the vegan version of squid ink! And, yes it did feature in my dinner of simple steamed veggies, brown rice, roasted tomatoes and garlic tofu:
How cool does it look!

So there you go, 2 days of eats featuring a lot of old loves and all-time favourites! Don't forget to check out what everyone else has been up to on the food front!

Ciao! :D

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Blogger Tricks

Mean green fighting machine!

Yesterday I almost turned into something green...
It was quite scary.
You see, yesterday I ate quite a lot of green food, without realising and now, looking back at the pictures- oh my!
I'm just kidding! I love it when my eats turn out super green and super yummy wihtout any concious thought!
Take breakfast for example. I know you were all dying to find out what I did with my almost empty jar of peanut butter...

Overnight oats! And what's that sneaking into the shot?
A super duper green smoothie!
This was a new one I tired. See, I had bought some vanilla beans to make profiteroles filled with creme patissiere today and figured I might use one of the vanilla pods (seeds scraped) in my smoothie. So into the blender went 1 chopped frozen banana, 3 large scoops of greek yoghurt, a huge handful of spinach, a dash of cinnamon, some chia seeds and about 1/4 of the seeds scraped from the pod.. yum!
Wow, there is a lot of random stuff lurking around on our bench!
Lunch wasn't overly green, but it did have some!
I went to make a wrap using my mega-huge whole grain wraps, but unfortunately came to the conclusion that when wraps turn green, they might not be so healthy any more :) So i had to go with 2 medium sized whole grain wraps to satisfy my hunger :)
How did I sneak greens into this?
With spinach and avocado of course! There was also hommus, mashed sweet potato and pumpkin, a taco quorn mince thingy I made and some medium salsa. Wrapped and toasted. And devoured:
 Nom, nom
For an afternoon snack I had a green apple with some soy milk:
And for dinner, a random veggie-filled salad... it was super green!
 What was thrown into it? Some rainbow chard (I chose a yellow veined leaf) steamed then roasted brussels sprouts and okra, sauteed eggplant, mushrooms and zucchini, roasted medley tomatoes, steamed peas, drained and rinsed canelini beans and never-before-tried roasted chestnuts!
The chestnuts were super yummy! I simply split their shell with a cross using a sharp knife and roasted them for 20 mins at 200 degrees celsisu, then peeled off the hard outer shell and crumpled into the salad! Yum!

So as you can see, everything I ate yesterday was pretty green! I think I have to make up for it on the orange veggie side, so I can get back my orange-itis!
Have a great Monday everyone! :D
 Looking back at all those yummy eats, mine certainly was Marvelous!

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Pancake Sunday and Rainbows :)

Hip, hip hurray! It's pancake Sunday (yeah that rhymes!)
I haven't had pancakes in sooooo long, so I thought it was about time I brought them back into my life tummy. I was feeling some choc chip vanilla ones :)
Of course they are also vegan, wheat free, egg free, dairy free, soy free yada yada yada, but the point is- they are deee-licious!

They are not what you would call sweet, but that's the way I like em! If you prefer sweeter, feel free to add some real vanilla extract, or some maple syrup etc.
Choc chip vanilla pancakes
35g wholemeal spelt flour
25g rolled oats
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon cocoa nibs (or choc chips!)
1/2 tablespoon oil (olive, coconut, chia.. any oil you like)
chia gel (1 teaspoon chia seeds mixed with one tablespoon milk of choice)
3/4 cup milk of choice (I used oat milk)

1. Place all the dry ingredients in a medium bowl and stir to combine:

2. Add in the oil, chia gel and milk and mix until well combined (add more milk if neccesary) and until you reach a pouring cream consistency:
3. Spray a non stick fry pan with oil... look what oil I found!
4. And place the pan on a medium/low heat
5. With a large spoon (or pour batter into a jug) dollop mixture onto pan and wait until lots of little bubbles appear before you flip (1-2 mins)
6. Once golden brown on both sides, place on plate (cover if you like to keep warm) and repeat with remaining batter.
While I was cooking up my pancakes I wanted a super duper quick and easy smoothie...
What's easier than whazzing together a green nudie juice and some greek yoghurt for an epic, creamy smoothie?
7. Once all pancakes are cooked, top with any thing you like and enjoy!
Hello Mr peanut butter!
Sitiing all lovely and pancake-y with my cheats smoothie:
 I do love pancakes:)

I have another solution if you find them not sweet enough..
Unfortunately these bad boys cleaned out my peanut butter jar, but I am constantly looking at the good things that come from this:
1. They were covered in peanut butter:
 2. I now have an almost empty jar of peanut butter... the opportunities are endless!
Now onto the rainbow part of this post. It has come to my attention that I think I may have a unicorn living in my tummy. Why? Because I am constantly eating rainbow meals and everyone knows that unicorns eat rainbows and poop butterflies (no wonder I always have butterflies fluttering in my stomach.
Maybe I am the unicorn
 Haha jks. Any way! Onto my colourful meals of late:
Firslty this mixed veggie and quinoa mash:

It was simply steamed sweet potato, potato, swede, beetroot and pumpkin mashed with some cooked tri-coloured quinoa, steamed broccoli and brussels sprouts and some garlic tofu

Next were some rainbow lunches:
An eggy scrambly mess:

Sauteed off some mushrooms, grated carrot, capsicum, broccoli, kale and peas and corn with some cooked brown rice. Placed that to the side. Scrambled some eggs (2 eggs whisked with nutritional yeast and hommus) and mixed them together. topped off with some medium salsa:

My second lunch was a snack plate of various foods:
2 poached eggs, roasted sweet potato, baked beans and peas and some mixed veggie organic tortilla chips. There was also some salsa added after for dipping :)
Lastly, an oldy but a goodie: The classic roast veggies (sprayed with my new coconut oil spray!)
With lentils, mixed beans and spinach:
So we've learnt a few things from this post:
1. Pancakes are awesome (not really learned, but reinforced)
2. Rainbow, colourful plates are not only good for you, but look awesome too
3. I may or may not be a unicorn ;)
Tata for now! :D

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