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Why I don't eat intuitively

Hi guys, how we doing today? Good? Ready to Think Out Loud? I know I am!

What seems to be one of the biggest diet trends right about now? No I don't mean the were-wolf diet or the five-bite diet (research them if you don't know what I'm talking about-they're hilarious)I'm talking about eating intuitively.

Now just to save myself from a whole lot of ridicule from healthy living bloggers everywhere- I am not saying I don't believe in this way of eating. I actually totally agree with it. It is the type of eating and diet that actually makes sense to me- listening to your body and acting accordingly, seems pretty straight forward and extremely logical to me!
No, I'm not saying this is stupid/ ridiculous, I'm simply saying I don't do it. But trust me- I really want to!

I have a few things to blame (well not really blame, but a few factors that I think have caused this) of course the main one is school. You don't have a choice when you eat at school- there are bells and they signal your food times and you deal with it (unless you are like a few boys in my year who smuggle sandwiches into classes).
As a result of this, these times that you are programmed to eat everyday get drilled into you and consequently, when that magical lunch time rolls round, the tummy starts growling! So even on weekends when I have absolutely no schedule, I still eat breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner at the exact same ' scheduled' time. I guess I am still eating intuitively as I'm hungry and I eat, but I have a feeling it's not really the same.
I also blame (but not blame because that seems harsh) exercise. I'm never hungry after exercising/ running but know that I need to refuel in order to rebuild my muscles and refuel my energy stores- so I eat even when my body technically tells me not to. This also applies to days when I've done a big workout/ have constantly been on the move, I've almost made myself to eat every few hours to keep me going because I know I need to eat to keep my blood sugar stable and keep me going through every activity, even if I'm not hungry.
I do actually blame (and will use the word blame) our society and social norms that say breakfast happens when you wake up, lunch happens around 12pm and dinner around 6pm because that's what has been drilled into me since childhood and is therefore a pretty tricky habit to break free from (I just can't imagine having lunch at 3pm). This is also the reason I think so few people have actually mastered the art of truly eating intuitively and eating when and how much their body so desires.

How much, is yet another point (although doesn't apply to me any more, cooking my own meals). As kids we have meals placed in front of us that dictate the amount of food we can eat. We haven't cooked this meal. Someone with a whole separate body to us has- who has no idea how hungry/ not hungry we are and then might continue to tell us to eat everything on the plate. Now, as children we are pretty smart and do seem to stop when full/ keep going when hungry, but as we grow older and this other body cooking our meals, continues to cook our meals, clearing the plate is considered polite, no matter what level of hunger you are feeling before hand.

So- can you blame me for not being an intuitive eater?

I think as soon as I have more freedom in my life and am in control of my schedule a bit more (does that ever really happen?) that I will try this whole eating when you truly want to thing, but until then I guess I will stick to the scheduled times of breakfast, lunch and dinner that have been drilled into me my entire life. At least I have control over how much I get (because anyone cooking for my stomach would likely find it quite difficult to satisfy the hunger.)
And that's why I don't eat intuitively!

What are your thoughts?
Do you eat intuitively?
Do you eat at set times during the day?
Are you a super hungry beast like me?

Thanks Spoons for the awesome link-up! I hope everyone has a great day! :D

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Blogger Tricks

WIAW #36

Hello hello everybody! What a wonderful Wednesday it is, especially with a party. A WIAW party! Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting! As usual, these are my eats from Tues... because for some reason I only seem to remember to photograph every bit of food that enters my stomach on Tuesdays (although What I Ate Tuesday just doesn't sound the same)

So, before I get off track (even more) let's move on to a day in the life of my tummy:

For brekky I wasn't too hungry but knew that I had to eat brekky (I was feeling a little sick- have been for a few days) and knew I needed some fuel to get me going!
So I made some oats to put in my almost empty jar of cashew butter... I made a bit too much vanilla protein powder steel cut oats and even had to eat the remaining oats from the saucepan (no wastage in this house hold!)

 As you can see there was a little bit of overflowing oats action:

 And some delicious peach fro-yo (1 chopped frozen peach + 1/2 banana- remainder of what I didn't use in the oats, whazzed up with 3 big scoops of greek yoghurt)
 This was a good jar:
 Look, now it looks like normal people's oats in a jar:
 And of course the mandatory spoon shots:

After a whole lot of Christmas baking (I'll let you in on my secret project very soon!) and alot of singing to Christmas carols, I was ready for lunch!

 A big bowl of roast veggies (carrot, sweet potato, potato, swede, parsnip and beetroot) with some spinach, peas and a torn up veggie patty:
4pm I needed a snack and a crispy, sweet pink lady apple with some red grapes did the trick:

The hungry tummy demanded some food and I responded with a delicious grilled veggie sammy- with hommus, spinach, garlic tofu, grilled capsicum, mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini and cherry tomatoes along with some charred pumpkin slices:
 Super simple and yummy- just the way I like it!
 This would seriously be my ultimate comfort food. No debate.

 Following dinner I had a small handful of raw nuts :)

And that's what I ate Wednesday (not Tuesday for once!)

What did you eat Wednesday?
Ultimate comfort food?
Best food for upset stomachs?

Seeya later! :D

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Cauliflower pizza!!!

Hidy-ho friendly folks! I hope we're all in a good mood today because I have a present for you!

Can you guess what it is?

It's round, filled with delicious herbs, baked in an oven and topped with all the best things...

Yes! It's pizza! With a twist...

It's cauliflower crust pizza!!!

Ok- it's honesty o'clock. As a kid I used to detest cauliflower. Wouldn't look at it, wouldn't smell it, wouldn't touch it and most certainly wouldn't eat it.

Now, I still don't like it very much. It just doesn't taste like anything to me, I don'[t see what it's life purpose is. It's like honey dew melon- no one really remembers it at all but you'll be sure to find it in every fruit salad!

I thought about this for a second and was like- 'If cauliflower doesn't taste like anything, then shouldn't I be able to make it taste like anything I want??' This thought also reminded me of a post I had seen on Peanut Butter Fingers.

Hmmm. A pizza base made of cauliflower. Why not? :)

Yes- why not indeed, where have you been all my life!

Ok, ok- here's the recipe present!

Half a head of cauliflower
1 egg
1-2 tablespoons of hommus
1-2 tablespoons nutritional yeast (the hommus and nutritional yeast sub for the cheese- feel free to add a handful of actual cheese)
A sprinkle of dried oregano and dried basil
Whatever you want to top your pizza off with

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius. Line a pizza tray/ baking tray with baking paper and spray with oil (so the base doesn't stick)
2. Place the cauliflower in a food processor and process until all broken up and resembling rice:

 3. Heat in the microwave for two minutes until hot and steamed.
4. Whisk up the egg and then add to the cauliflower along with the hommus, nutritional yeast and herbs.
 5. Mix to combine
 6. Flatten the cauliflower base onto your tray, pressing down:
 7. Bake in the oven for 20 mins until hardened and golden:
 8. Top with your favourite pizza toppings (mine included some no-added-salt tomato paste, pesto, mushrooms, capsicum and olives)
 9. Bake for another 10-15 mins until toppings have cooked to your liking
 10. Slide onto a plate, slice into pizza slices and enjoy!
 Check out that base!
 I love pizza and as some of you may know, wheat and I are not always the best of friends (which is why most of my pizza bases are spelt) but when I'm simply not in the mood for dense floury pizza- cauliflower to the rescue!
 Sliced view:
 I think I could fool a few people into believing this is a real pizza base by this photo:
 Pizza love :)

Talk to me:
Do you like cauliflower? I'm sure there are some of you that exist ;)
Do you like pizza? Of course you do- what's your favourite kind?
Have you ever had a cauliflower crust pizza before?

Bye for now friends! :D

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The Lunch Plate

So yesterday... once again... I couldn't decide what to have for lunch. I am so indecisive about what I'm feeling for lunches that more often than not I end up with a good friend of mine. The snack plate- a little bit of everything do no one's missing out!
I first got the idea when I saw Amanda's snack plate creations for her lunches and was immediately intrigued.
Thus followed the multiple plates filled with random bits and bobs that I've been enjoying for many months.
Yesterday was no different.

This specific plate featured some pumpkin roasted in coconut oil, to absolute flaky perfection:
Some organic blue maize tortilla chips,
 Love these so much!
1/2 a pomegranate bashed with a spoon so I got all of it's arils out,
And best of all....
This bowl of cheesy brocolli, brussels, cauliflower and peas and corn!
It was sort of a spur-of-the-moment, make-up-on-the-spot recipe and was exactly what I was craving. It's super simple to make too!
Just steam up some broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower (for about 10 mins) then add in the peas and corn for about 1 min. Toss in a bowl. In a small bowl mix together 1 big tablespoon of hommus, 1 big tablespoon of nutritional yeast and 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard with 1/2 tablespoon water and then mix with the veggies. Place in the microwave for 30 seconds (this sort of sets the 'cheese') and let it cool for about 15 mins- yumO!
I never really liked cheesy cauliflower/ broccoli dishes as a kid, but I guess this is just another example of my changing taste buds!

That was a really yummy and surprising outcome of a throw together bowl of food- love it when that happens!

Any-who, that's it from me today!

Do you ever have snack plates? A little bit of everything?
Do you like pomegranate seeds? My mum doesn't because she doesn't like the crunchy seed on the inside- can you believe it?
Do you like cheesy broccoli/ cauliflower dishes? Cheesy potato bake counts too- they all seem to taste the same to me :)

Bye for now friends- have a great Monday! Eat something yummy! :D

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