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Thinking Out Loud- Not overdoing it!

Pushing oneself.
This can be such a positive thing.
This can result in a person becoming the best possible version of themselves. Reaching new goals. Exceeding expectations. Blowing the minds of all those around them.

Pushing oneself.
This can also very easily turn into a very negative thing.

If you were to get to know me on a face to face/ personal/ in real-life kind of way, you would come to realise pretty quickly that I am crazy.

Ok, you might have already guessed that, but also that I am crazy hard on myself. I push and push myself until I reach whatever task is laid out in front of me- whatever it is. I don't tolerate failing, it's not an option and this has lead me to achieve some pretty awesome things that I look back on and smile at. Like painting an entire wall in my bedroom. By myself. At the age of 12. Like landing my first back flip and first no-handed cartwheel. Like ingraining in my memory the first 30 decimal places of pi. And that's just a few of the examples that come to mind!

I'm a control freak, organisational, hard working maniac... and it's one of my most treasured qualities. Until it starts to have a negative affect.

You guys know I'm a runner. Running is a big part of my life now- which would have shocked me only a couple of years ago! I run because I love it, it takes me away from the world that stresses me out, it relaxes me, puts my thoughts in order and rejuvenates me for the day ahead. It's such an awesome, positive aspect of my life. Until my crazy, control freak, organisational, hard working self decides to play with the one thing that saves me from my craziness.

I mentioned in a post how I ran for 2 hours for the first time and didn't think twice about that fact until I read a very important comment. The commenter told me (in a really nice way- I truly appreciate it) That I should be careful not to overdo it on the running, it could end badly. I stopped, the world paused and I thought about this.

It was at this point that I realised my 'pushing-myself'' side had taken over and instead of enjoying the run for all those reasons listed above, I was gaining pleasure (if I can call it that) from increasing my distance to ridiculous amounts. I was ignoring the toll these long distances were taking on my body. Did I really need more stress (ie. worrying about waking up at 4:00am so I can fit in my run before school) added to the ginormous mountain of stress year 11 already has weighing on me? The answer is a big fat no!

So what did I do the following day when I had a pre-planned run? I slept in a little. Then I did a quick thirty minute sprint/ run to gain strength and speed. Previously I would have hated this because I wouldn't have felt like it was a proper workout as it was so quick a mere 1/4 of my usual runs, but I knew then and there that it was important I alternated between ridiculously long runs and shorter, faster ones.

And you know what? I felt great for the rest of the day. Isn't it ironic how much I preach about listening to one's body and I had basically duct taped my body's voice.

I'm not going to lie, the next day I felt a little guilty, I didn't have the aches and pains of my usually day-after-run and I sort of felt like I should eat less. Then I gave myself a mental slap and told myself there are much bigger things to worry about...

like the upcoming heart dissection in human bio. Good times. :)

Your turn:
Have you ever pushed yourself to achieve something awesome?
Have you ever pushed yourself too hard?
What was the consequence?

That's just me Thinking Out Loud on this Thursday! Thanks as always to Spoons for hosting this link-up each week! Have a great day friends! BYE! :D

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Blogger Tricks

WIAW #49 Weird musings

Hidy-ho friends!

For some reason I'm having a completely fabulous day! (minus the monstrous mountain of homework in store for me this lovely evening)
See, Wednesdays happen to be one of my favourite days of the week... and it's the small things that do it for me! For example it's my day when I do speed runs (super-fast..haha... 30 minute runs) on the treadmill whilst simultaneously (like a boss) scrolling through awesome blogs. I therefore have more time in the morning to make a delicious brekky and shower and just breathe, and then choof of to school!
Yep. So in short (after in long) I like Wednesdays.

I also happen to like food. Which is superbly perfect for a Wednesday link-up the food blogging community and I like to call WIAW!! Thanks as always to Jenn for the awesome link-up!

P.S. These particular eats are from Tuesday, because today's dinner has yet to materialise. :)

Breakfast: 7:15am
I was feeling the chocolate. The rich, fudgey, awesomeness that is chocolate. For breakfast. No shame.
And so, I present to you chocolate: In it's awesome-est form!

Chocolate protein steel cut oats with coconut butter.
So. Much. Yum.
Of course rich. fudgey, heavenly chocolate can be a bit much on its own (even at breakfast ;) so I'm thinking kiwi-berry fro-yo is the only way to remedy this:
Frozen kiwi-berries + 3 big scoops greek yoghurt + whaz= deliciousness.
Match made in a chocolate-y frozen kiwi-berry heaven. Strange but good :)

I'm sure some of you who might have been reading my blog for a while now probably still don't understand my love for eating stuff out of cups. Neither do I. Maybe try it and see if you like it too. ;)

Incase you weren't already drooling:
Welcome. :D

Snack-attack: 11:00am
My beloved pot of peas. I don't think this snack will ever change for me. Until I create a pea shortage... which is actually pretty likely at the rate I go through them!!

Lunch: 1:40am
Tasty salad after a lovely ridiculously cold trip to the beach for PE (anyone else get extremely hungry after visiting the beach/ swimming?):
This marvellous tupper-ware of yum involved spinach, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, carrot (quite a lot of carrot... don't know why) and capsicum along with some microwaved roasted eggplant and lentil falafels!

Snack: 4:00am
Snack was....
fruit and soy milk!!
I seem to be capable of changing up my main meals, however my snacks... they're permanent. And proud of it.
A chopped pink lady apple with a big bunch of green grapes (all very different sizes for some reason?) and soy milk:
I do seem to rotate between the cups I like to drink my soy milk out of, however and have gone from coke glasses with curly straws, to tea mugs, to glass jars, to big plastic cups and now to these cute pastel mugs :)

Dinner: 6:45am
Dinner was a hit and also a miss. The hit was the roasted veggies... because seriously how could they ever be a miss. The miss, however, was a new fan-dangle grain thing I found at Coles...
That looks like slop. Alternately named Brown Teff Grain. For those interested, it tasted like slop too.
Topped with veggies (roasted pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, parsnip and swede with fresh rosemary sprigs) with some grilled plain tempeh.
It was all good until I decided to mix the veggies with the brown slop of doom...
Then it was sort of crunchy with a very- natural flavour
Followed by a small handful of raw brazil nuts, to get rid of the flavour... and because I was still hungry ;)

Aaand that's what I ate Tuesday!!

What about you?
Do you like/dislike Wednesdays?
Eat your food out of weird things? Cups/ bowls/ saucepans (it's been known to happen in my house hold :)
Ever tried brown teff grain? Did I do something wrong while cooking it?

Still hungry for more? Head on over to Peas and Crayons to see what everyone else has been eating this fine Wednesday!!

Bye for now friends! :D

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Preparation made easy!

Hidy-ho folks!
How's the week been treating you so far?
Mines been pretty decent. Decent food (we all know that's a lie- AWESOME food!) Decent school days, decent amount of homework, decent amount of time to relax...
Ok- they're all lies! I'm not saying school is bad, I'm saying the amount of work we tackle each day is almost comical. Almost. And the level of homework can only be described as horrendous and what even is relaxation? It's probably hanging out somewhere with the life that left me after starting year 11. Sigh.
One would think with all that complaining, I have no time to even butter a piece of bread let alone cook my breakfasts, lunches and dinners, right?


Food is one area in my life that I take very seriously, because I know how I can feel if I let my nutrition slip. Not good. So even though it takes a little extra effort and time- I do it. Planning ahead is my saviour, so here are a few of my sneaky tricks:

Egg bakes:

An egg bake is so easy to whip up and make ahead. It lasts well and tatses even better cold the next day anyway!
My typical recipe goes a little something like this:
2 eggs
1 heaped cup veggies (chopped capsicum, mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, corn, peas, kale, onion- whatever I have on hand really)
1/4 cup almond milk
1 tablespoon nutritional yeast
1 teaspoon garlic
optional- spices (I alternate between mexican spices and simply paprika, or cumin, stuff like that)

Whisked altogether and then poured into two ramekins to bake in the oven (180 degrees celsius) for 30 mins- until set.

Hello lunch!

Seeing as you already have the oven on, you may as well prepare something for brekky the following day, too!
Baked oatmeal is my friend!
So simple to make and perfect for a make-in-advance meal!
I simply place my ingredients for making oatmeal (this was choc oatmeal)
1/2 cup rolled oats
1 teapsoon chia seeds
1 scoop choc protein powder
1 teaspoon raw cacao powder
1 thinly sliced banana
a few big dashes of cinnamon
1 cup almond milk
into a saucepan on medium heat, stirring continuously until most of the liquid has been absorbed and then pouring into a greased ramekin/ mini loaf pan and baking for 45 mins at 180 degrees celsius until firm. Remove from ramekin, leave to cool completely and then place in container in the fridge until required.
I heated my chocolatey bake up in the microwave for 30 seconds with some peanut butter... :)
Done and done:

Roasted veggies are always a really awesome way to prep ahead and ensure a tasty lunch the following day:
Super-simple, yet again, chopped potato, white sweet potato, baby carrots, beetroot, parsnip and pumpkin drizzled in oil and roasted at 180 degrees celsius for 45mins-1 hour.
Whacked into a container with some spinach and garlic tofu- job done!!
Lastly, another make-ahead brekky that just tastes so good!
Make ahead truffles:
Sorry about the side ways pic... tilt your head to the left and it should be fine!
These particular truffles were fudgey, banana-y, almond butter-y balls of epic-ness. yep.
Throw into a bowl:
1/2 cup muesli
1 teaspoon chia seeds
1/2 mashed banana (freeze other half)

Melt together in microwave for 20 seconds, then add to bowl:

1-2 tablespoons almond butter (I did closer to two ;)
2 tablespoons milk (I used almond milk)

Wet your hands, roll-y roll and place in a container for the freezer:
When ready to eat, remove from freezer for 20-30 mins and then enjoy!
I had mine after a long run with some banana fro-yo (1/2 the leftover frozen banana+ 3 big scoops greek yoghurt) and it hit. the. spot!

That is how I manage to get through each day ensuring my meals are filled with all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients my hectic lifestyle requires! Also, I wouldn't be happy with a Vegemite sandwich for lunch and a bowl of cereal for brekky.... that's another reason I have to prep in advance! Standards people!

What about you?
Do you ever have to prep in advance?
Awesome things that last overnight/ longer?
Fan of baked oatmeal? It took me a while to get on the baked oatmeal train... but now I love it!

That's it from me today folks (gotta run! As usual!) so I hope I have gifted you with some inspiration if you're ever in a time pickle and want need something tasty. Have a fabulous day! Bye! :D

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The snack plates continue!

Hi Friends!
Do I have a treat for you this marvelous Monday or what!?!
Lets back track so we're on the same page (any one else have that problem where they think everyone knows exactly what you're talking about, but only you do, because you're the only one who has been thinking about it this whole time? No. Ok! Moving right along!)

You've seen them a bunch of times on this little corner of the internet I call my Squishy

Or sometimes, my blog. Either way...
I love a good snack plate-primarily on weekends when I just have no logical thought processes left from my week at school- so I thought today I would harass enlighten you with a ton of different snack plates that I have enjoyed! Enjoy! ;)

Snack Plate #1       The Steph is hungry snack plate:
Popcorn, baked sweet potato topped with Mexican beans (mixed beans and lentils mixed with Mexican salsa), hommus and roasted brussels sprouts.
The only way to eat a stuffed sweet potato:
Snack Plate #2       The Steph is craving potatoes again snack plate:
Roasted regular white and white sweet potato, capsicum and cucumber sticks, oven roasted beans, brown rice and blue maize tortilla chips and 1/2 mashed avocado.
Hello little puff of potato-y goodness :)

Snack Plate # 3  The Steph is feeling colourful today snack plate:
Baked sweet potato topped with coconut butter with a side of oven roasted broccoli and brussles sprouts, blue maize tortilla chips, hommus and capsicum and cucumber sticks for dipping.
Yep, still gonna eat it like a boat:

Snack Plate #4  The I have no idea what to make but feel like dipping everything in everything snack plate:
Carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, capsicum sticks, blanched bean sticks, brown rice chips, roasted broccoli and brussels, 3 dips (greek yoghurt, Persian eggplant and hommus) and some brazil nuts
 Carrot and greek yoghurt tastes very similar to carrot and cheese.. YUM!
All got a bit mushed together- still tasted great!

Digging the snack plates yet? I know I sure am!!
I just like the big variety they offer- the opportunities are limitless!

What about you?
Do you like a little bit of everything, or prefer one meal altogether that actually works together? :)
What would be on your perfect snack plate?
Fan of dipping? I love to dip food in things... not sure why :)

Bye for now friends! Have a fantastic day! EAT SOMETHING YUMMY! :D

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