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WIAW #19

 Hi guys! Happy Wednesday and happy WIAW! Head on over to Peas and Crayons
if you have no idea what I'm going on about :)
Let's get to it shall we?

My secretly secret method of always having a bit of peanut butter with my oats:)
The smoothest, creamiest mango fro-yo yet!
Equals the BEST. BREKKY. EVER. (not including a PB+ banana toastie :)

I like putting them in cups, because they're the perfect size and look cute... besides, I'm kinda weird any way and prefer bowls and cups- plates are just too... flat.

 Pasta-la-vista baby! Rice and quinoa pasta with grilled eggplant, mushrooms and capsicum, stirred together with some no added salt tinned tomatoes, dried oregano, red kidney beans, kale and nutritional yeast :) Made early in the morn for school!
 Yes, fruit (pear and black grapes) and soy milk with a crazy straw- again nothing gives me a bigger energy boost in the arvo than this right here!
 Some delicious roasted veggies, with olive oil and rosemary, roasted in a 180 degrees celsius oven for 45 mins:
 Served with lentils, roasted tomatoes, spinach and some creamy polenta squares (I simply made the polenta with water and nutritional yeast  (about 30 mins to make) and then stirred in some marinated artichokes and spread it out on some baking paper and placed in the freezer for 10 mins.
 Were your meals tasty?
Wanna check out what everyone else is nom-ing? You know where to go!

Oh and make sure you hurry back for an interesting Thinking Out Loud Thursday! :D

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An ode to PB

An Ode to PB!

Peanut butter and jelly,
It will never go out of style,
However salads can get boring,
If you have them for a while:
But if you add some peanuts,
Then you will be set,
As a dressing or sauce,
Or wholemeal crumpet.

 For Breakfast I love it,
On my home-made bread,
Along with a banana,
This marvelous spread!

It's great with granola,
Everyday of the week,
On top of a smoothie,
It reaches its peak.

I could go on forever,
With praise, adoration and rhyme,
But if I'm perfectly honest,
Who really has the time?

I hope you liked my ode to peanut butter!

What would you write an ode about?

See ya later! :D

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Hey guys! It's recipe time!
I'm super excited about this one!
When I was younger, cuter and even weirder, my favourite type of cake/ muffin was always orange and poppy seed. Always.
When mum went to the grocery store each weekend she would bring home a chocolate muffin box mix for my brother and an orange and poppy seed one for me. (See, I have always been a chef ;) For some reason, bro and I always managed to 'fill' our muffin tins with about half our mixture still in the bowl... hmmm. Yes, my favourite part about these orange and poppy seed muffins was the raw mixture. My older and more mature self is now cringing with the knowledge of eating raw egg :/

So... that's what prompted this breakfast experiment- recreating the awesomeness that is raw orange and poppy seed cake, minus the raw eggs!

What better way to do that then with Orange and Poppy seed OAT BRAN!

Orange and poppy seed oat bran
1/2 cup (28g) oat bran
1/2 tablespoon poppy seeds
zest of 1/2 an orange
1-2 tablespoons of squeezed orange juice (I used 1 1/2)
1 banana very thinly chopped
1 cup milk of choice (I used oat milk)
optional- coconut butter (please put this in!)

1. Gather ingredients:
2. Place it all in a medium sauce pan (except the coconut butter- stir that in at the end)
 3. Place the saucepan over medium heat and stir with a spatual/ wooden spoon until it starts to thicken.
4. Once it has thickened (after about 2-4 mins) switch to a whisk and whisk like a crazy maniac until the banana has almost entirely disappeared and the mixture has thickened to the consistency of your liking (this took about 1-2 mins of whisking for me)
5. Stir in coconut butter (if using) and leave to sit for about 10 mins to cool and enhance the flavours!
6. Enjoy! (I enjoyed mine with some sliced apple topped with greek yoghurt and lots of cinnamon :)
 I also added a touch more milk to the top- just coz I like it :D
 I seriously think I'm immune to cinnamon- I could put bucket loads on anything- it's like my salt (which I guess is a positive?)
This oatbran is so freaky the way it tastes exactly like the mixture I used to make (and spoon straight into my mouth) as a child= HAPPY STEPH!

What was your favourite cake as a child? (Were you like my brother- CHOCOLATE!)

I hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday.... I do like Sundays :)
Bye for now! :D

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Eight fears

In continuing with my 10-day-you challenge, I've come up with a list of my eight fears... it was seriously a hard thing to do, but I did it!

10 Day You Challenge
8. Coming in at number eight is... Horror movies- these don't just scare me- they are a fear!I should probably say I have a fear of the whole genre of horror- not just movies, it's just when you're reading a book and it says the axe murderer opened the door, you can make yourself picture unicorns and bunnies... in a movie, not so much.

7. Death. I'm sure the majority of people are scared of this and I really don't want to be (which is why it's only 7th on my list) but I'm not going to lie to you it's a fear of mine.

6. Deep water. Lots of people find this one strange when I tell them it's a fear of mine, but even just looking at a photograph of deep water in the middle of no where gives me shivers...

5.I guess in tying in with deep water, another fear I've had ever since I can remember is tsunamis. I literally can't look at this photo for more than a five seconds. Literally.

4. Exams- I'm at the ripe old age where I'm preparing for my super-duper important exams. I know in the scheme of things, they shouldn't be this far up on the list, but just the fact that I'm going into them now makes them seem even scarier than horror movies :O
This may or may not be what I'm most afraid of!

3. Cockroaches- they make me physically ill

2. Cockroaches- their such a big fear they deserve two top 3 fear spots.
The worst thing about them...

Although I did find this quite interesting:
Like Steph like Cockroach!

1. My top one would be losing close friends and family, or having to watch them suffer. Every night before I go to bed, they're the last people I think of and I send them happy and healthy thoughts for tomorrow.

But really we all know what my real #1 fear is:

Something that doesn't scare me- chocolate oats and mango froyo :) :) :)

Just some happy pictures to finish off a less than happy post! (I do not like facing/ revealing my fears, I've decided)

What's your greatest fear?
Cockroaches- who's a fan?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Thinking Out Loud! Randomly randomness

Hey guys! Happy Thursday and happy spill your random thoughts whizzing about in your brain day! Confused? Head on over to Spoons to see what it's all about :)
Let's begin shall we?

1.So a few days ago I was stuck in a fog.
Not a brain fog or sad fog.
An actual fog... see:

This is really weird for Aus guys! I was freaking out... and then it got worse!

The one good thing I could think that would come from this would be my sport class would be cancelled and we would have to play volleyball inside. I mean you can't really play golf with fog like that. (Yes I know- GOLF!?! It's almost as physical as chess. Almost.) Unfortunately/fortunately it cleared up as soon as I got to school and the sun came out.

2. Big news!!! Yesterday I made the cream.ever. Best texture, flavour, colour- THE BEST!
Sadly the light was terrible- I apologies! I'm wincing as I'm putting the photos up:
Do you wanna know the secret? It was simply 1 frozen banana, a handful of frozen berries and.......
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder! What!?! The protein powder is like magic!
It was the exact texture of proper ice cream and the vanilla protein powder gave it a nice sweet touch and the additional protein boost!
If only I had a cone :D
I enjoyed my fantabulous ice cream with some overnight OIAJ:
Simply 3/4 fill the empty jar (mine was almond butter) with muesli, sprinkle on some chia seeds, mixy-mix, then add milk (I used oat milk) until it reaches the top, mixy-mix and leave overnight.
This brekky was soooo good and soooooooooooooo filling!
3. It was funny- while I was making this, I couldn't keep thinking; 'I have a berry in my ice cream.'
You're probably all thinking; 'Ofcourse you have a berry in there- it's berry ice cream.'
Yes... but:
4. My last little random thought is: Why is it that when there is a problem with your computer and you restart it and you wiggle it around, turn it off and on and even cross your fingers for it to work- then finally give up and go to the computer guys at school, that they can turn it on and it works.

Now I know I'm no computer whiz..I mean this pretty much sums up me and technology:
But seriously. It's just embarrassing. Especially when they turn it on, it works and they say: 'Magic!'
Anyway! Just thinking out loud :)

Does fog scare you/excite you?
Ice-cream. What's the best flavour?
Are you a technology whiz, or almost as hopeless as me?

Bye for now! :D

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